"Work Smart" Supports
a Healthy Working Style

Visualization of overtime work makes your company healthy

Assistance for development of a workplace without overtime work

Work-smart function included in CLOMO MDM

  • Limitation of use outside business hours

    Device functions are restricted when the predetermined business hours end. Apps and functions related to the business are locked to prevent excessive work.

  • Visualization of overtime work

    Users must apply for overtime work to the administrator if needed. The actual situation of excessive overtime work can be grasped at a glance.

  • Telework supported

    The device used can be monitored remotely to check for overwork or remote working conditions.

Lock can be released upon application, even outside of business hours

Lock can be released upon application, even outside of business hours

Upon application, the restriction mode can be released even outside of business hours. Since the restriction mode cannot be released without application, hidden extra work are never overlooked.

A secure environment increases employee motivation

Develop a workplace that enables employees to work well and rest comfortably

  • Reliable security even outside the office

    Reliable security even outside the office

    Being able to lock the device and erase the data in case of loss or theft enables you to use devices out of the office with peace of mind.

  • Helping to maintain employees' physical and mental health

    Helping to maintain employees' health

    Being able to help employees maintain their physical and mental health by allowing them to work anytime and anywhere during business hours.

  • Assuring security when working at home

    Assuring security when working at home

    Being able to ensure an environment for employees working at home or teleworking that's as comfortable and secure as the office. You can also check for overwork.

Takku Miyake

Taku Miyake

Industrial physician, Representative Director of Studio Gift Hands, M.D., Ph.D., Japan

A healthy environment gives employees a sense of ease

The introduction of advanced devices and systems that allow employees to work anytime, anywhere makes it more difficult to monitor their work situation. By nature, the Japanese cannot help but look at their device when they are carrying them. Actually, many people become depressed and anxious in situations where communication is possible anytime, 24 hours a day.

We believe that it's clearly necessary for a system such as CLOMO to provide appropriate safeguards as "a guardian of workstyle". Introduction of CLOMO represents the company's concern for employee health. This puts employees at ease and benefits employment strategy.

CLOMO supports Android, iOS, and Windows

Integrated management of multiple OSs and devices

  • Multi-device compatible

    You can perform integrated management in the same environment without considering differences between multiple OSs and devices, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.

  • MAM also possible

    In addition to devices, applications can be managed in an integrated manner. It is easy to set app permission/prohibition.

  • Easy to change MDM

    Do not worry if you are already using another EMM/MDM service. The dedicated team will consult with you about migration.

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