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  • class I3::Member

  •  def perform

  •   Fiber.new { loop { Fiber.yield philosophy } }

  •  end

  • end

  • class I3::Developer < I3::Member

  •  def philosophy

  •   'Happy hacking!'

  •  end

  • end

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Tsutomu Sasaki - President and CEO - i Cubed Systems, Inc.

Show your
natural talent

i Cubed Systems, Inc.
President and CEO
Tsutomu Sasaki

The trap of of thinking that
"things have to be like this"

is a great risk for a company
growing toward the future.

Companies and work styles

must continue to change with the times.

For us, one of the driving forces is diversity.

When various personalities come together,

there are definitely new values and possibilities.

Everyone, including women and
individuals from abroad, of course, can

express their personalities
naturally through work.

i Cubed Systems want to

continue to encourage individuality.

We welcome your unique natural personality

to create the next generation together.