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clomo mdm

clomo mdm

Top MDM market share for 13 years in Japan

Top MDM market share for 13 years in Japan
MDM can protect your mobile devices in business situation.
MDM can protect your mobile devices in business situation.
MDM can protect your mobile devices in business situation.
MDM can protect your mobile devices in business situation.
MDM can protect your mobile devices in business situation.

Top share for 13 years in Japan*Why choose CLOMO MDM?

  • Unmatched ease of use

    Unmatched ease of use

    Special knowledge and training are not required to use CLOMO MDM. Easy-to-use UI facilitates management.

  • Advanced security

    Advanced security

    Includes a security function that provides strong protection of data even if a device is lost or stolen.

  • Professional support

    Professional support

    A dedicated support team provides thorough support until your problem is solved.

  • *Source: Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Economic Research Institute Co. Ltd. "Market Outlook of Collaboration/Contents & Mobile Management Package Software ( )," FY2011-2013 shipment value, "MDM Own Brand Market (MIC IT Report Dec. )" Shipment value in FY2014-2022 and forecast shipment value in FY2023

Basic functions for
smooth management

  • Remote monitoring

    Device information that can be acquired includes basic information such as phone number and device number, location information and installed apps.

    Remote monitoring
  • Function setting

    Easily activate several settings/restrictions at one time like for instance to require a device password setting or to limit the use of the camera or specific apps.

    Function setting
  • Device locking/wiping

    Even if the device is lost or stolen, the lock function prevents the device from being used by anyone else, and device data is forcibly erased if the device is not found.

    Device locking/wiping
  • Distribution apps

    You can use the in-house app distribution site. This allows you not only to limit the disclosure range but also to forcibly install/delete apps.

    Distribution apps

For more convenient management*Included options

  • Remote monitoring

    Allows you to acquire basic information (OS, phone number, etc.), names of apps in use, etc.

  • Function setting

    Allows you to set/limit various functions such as mail, VPN, Wi-Fi, and password requirement.

  • Device lock

    Allows you to lock a missing device so that no one else can use it.

  • Remote wiping

    Allows you to delete data forcibly if the lost device is not found.

  • Antivirus measures

    Allows you to remotely scan files and update definition file to prevent infection by viruses.

  • E-certificate

    Allows you to remotely distribute electronic certificate that is necessary for access to VPN and in-house intranet.

  • App management

    Allows you to distribute in-house apps even to specific departments.

  • Emergency support

    Operators are on duty 24/7/365 to perform emergency measures in case of device loss.

CLOMO Topics

Our team provides
professional support

Please feel free to contact us
with any problem.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions regarding the product or any trouble using it. The dedicated CLOMO team will answer your questions and solve your problems.

CLOMO is supported entirely by our in-house team.

Our in-house team provides all services, from development to operations and support. We provide peace of mind with the ability to respond promptly and flexibly.

CLOMO is supported entirely by our in-house team.


What preparation is required to start using?

The required preparation varies depending on the OS or device used. Please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated support team will assist you by email or phone.

How long does it take from application to start using?

Preparation for use can usually be completed in three business days after your application. Lead time may differ depending on the customer's requirements and the number of devices.

Is there any upper limit to the number of managed devices?

In principle, there is no upper limit to the number of managed devices. There are actually cases in which the customer manages more than 10,000 devices in a single environment.

Is it possible to centrally manage different devices/OSs?

iOS, Android, and Windows can be managed centrally. Note that functions differ slightly depending on the type of device. Contact us for details.

Do you offer a proxy setting service?

We offer a paid service. The dedicated support team will assist you with CLOMO environment setting. We also offer a training course for administrators.

Is it possible to switch from other MDM services?

Yes, it is possible. Details differ depending on the target OS and the existing operation. Please feel free to contact us.

■CLOMO MDM operation environment

  • iOS / iPadOS

    • iOS 14.8
    • 15.7
    • 16.7
    • 17.5
    • iPadOS 14.8
    • 15.7
    • 16.7
    • 17.5


    • 11.6(Big Sur)
    • 12.5(Monterey)
    • 13.6(Ventura)
    • 14.5(Sonoma)


    • 11
    • 12
    • 13
    • 14


    • Windows 10 20H2(October 2020 Update)
    • 21H1(May 2021 Update)
    • 21H2(November 2021 Update)
    • 22H2(October 2022 Update)
    • Windows 11 21H2
    • 22H2(October 2022 Update)
    • 23H2(2023 Update)

■Administration panel operation environment

  • Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / Safari for Mac

■Tested devices

  • CLOMO MDM for iOS

    • iPhone(iPhone SE 第2世代
    • 12
    • 12 mini
    • 12 Pro
    • 12 Pro Max
    • 13
    • 13 mini
    • 13 Pro Max
    • iPhone SE 第3世代
    • 14
    • 14 Plus
    • 14 Pro
    • 14 Pro Max)
    • iPad(第8世代
    • 第9世代
    • 第10世代)
    • iPad Pro(11
    • 12.9 第3世代
    • 第3世代 11インチ
    • 第5世代 12.9インチ)
    • iPad Air(第4世代
    • 第5世代)
    • iPad mini(第6世代)

    CLOMO MDM for macOS

    • MacBook
    • MacBook Pro
    • MacBook Air

    CLOMO MDM for Android

    • AQUOS sense basic SG702SH
    • AQUOS sense SH-01K
    • AQUOS sense-2 SH-01L
    • AQUOS sense3 SH-02M
    • AQUOS sense4 SH-41A
    • AQUOS sense5G SH-53A
    • AQUOS wish2 SH-51C
    • AQUOS wish3 SH-53D
    • AQUOS ケータイ SH-02K
    • AQUOS ケータイ SH-02L
    • SH-03L
    • SH-02M
    • arrows Be F-04K
    • arrows Tab F-02K
    • arrows ケータイ F-03L
    • arrows Be4 Plus F-41B
    • arrows We F-51B
    • dtab d-01K
    • dtab d-41A
    • dtab d-42A
    • dtab d-51C
    • dtab d-52C
    • F-41C
    • FZ-S1
    • Galaxy Feel2 SC-02L
    • Galaxy A20 SC-02M
    • Galaxy A41 SC-41A
    • Galaxy A21 SC-42A
    • Galaxy A22 5G SC-56B
    • Galaxy A23 5G SC-56C
    • jetfon G1701
    • KY-41B
    • KY-42C
    • KY-43C
    • LaVieTabE
    • Lenovo TAB4 10 REL
    • LG Style L-03K
    • LG style2 L-01L
    • LZ-AA10C/A2G
    • Pixel 6
    • Pixel 6 Pro
    • Pixel 7
    • Pixel 7 Pro
    • Qua phone QZ
    • Surface Pro X
    • Xperia SO-01K
    • Xperia SO-02K
    • Xperia SO-03K
    • Xperia SO-05K
    • Xperia 1 II SO-51A
    • Xperia Ⅲ SO-53C
    • ZEBRA TC52
    • スマートWiFi XM-S W1
If you want to test other devices, contact us here.

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More safety in combination with MDM.