Covering upgrade management to working-style reform

Leave LTE-compatible
Windows 11 to CLOMO MDM

Windows 11 to CLOMO MDM

The era of LTE-compatible PCs for outside the office

Rich management functions for Windows 11

CLOMO MDM has rich management functions for Windows 11.
  • Thoroughgoing security even outside the office

    Security is ensured through remote forced lock and data erasing in case of loss or theft. Thorough measures against unauthorized access which includes alert in case a device moves out of the specified area.

  • Collective application of restrictions/settings

    You can set the password policy, restrict the use of hardware such as cameras, bluetooth, etc., and limit the use of apps and networks not related to the business collectively.

  • Remote controlled, Easy to manage assets

    Information that can be acquired includes PC serial number, type of installed apps, and device location. This makes asset management amazingly easy.

Remote controlled, Easy to manage assets

The only service in Japan
developed in collaboration with Microsoft

CLOMO is the only service developed under a strong partnership between Microsoft Japan and a domestic MDM provider. CLOMO makes using Windows 11 out of the office easy and safe.

Why choose CLOMO MDM?

Advanced, detailed operation at low cost

  • Full management of
    cloud upgrades.

    Windows update program can be carried out at an arbitrary timing. A WSUS server is not required. Collective management in cloud is possible.

  • Forced execution of commands
    even in sleep mode

    Modern standby enabled by the major update in September 2019 is supported. Management commands can be executed forcibly on mobile PCs in sleep mode.

  • Strong partnership with
    hardware manufacturers

    We provide more advanced management functions working with hardware/software manufacturers with a wealth of experience in Windows market.

work smart - clomo mdm

For administrators wanting to prevent overtime work
Restrain excessive work by using lock mode after the appointed time

The CLOMO work-smart function helps prevent overtime or hidden extra work. When the predetermined business hours are over, functions are forcibly locked to prevent excessive work. It is possible to release the lock mode when required.

Read more about the "work-smart"

CLOMO supports Android, iOS, and Windows

Integrated management of multiple OSs and devices

  • Multi-device compatible

    You can perform integrated management in the same environment without considering differences between multiple OSs and devices, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.

  • MAM also possible

    In addition to devices, applications can be managed in an integrated manner. It is easy to set app permission/prohibition.

  • Easy to change MDM

    Do not worry if you are already using another EMM/MDM service. The dedicated team will consult with you about migration.

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More safety, with MDM.


More safety, with CLOMO MDM.
More safety, with CLOMO MDM.