Yubizo Engine

Extremely high-speed application development
Yubizo Engine defies the common wisdom

Yubizo Engine accelerates application development

UI design in HTML, function implementation in JavaScript and a speedy development cycle

Yubizo Engine is a framework library for application development which allows high-end business applications development for enterprises using easy technology from HTML and JavaScript. It allows to design user interface in HTML like a website development and implement functions in JavaScript, especially for mobile application development where operational image and screen transition steps are important. HTML and JavaScript accelerate the cycle of proposal and feedback and achieve speedy application development.

Promptly bring your idea into shape

Compass Solution, which employs Yubizo Engine as its application development engine is able to quickly develop high-end mobile application.

HTML + CSS + JavaScript でモバイルアプリ開発

Encapsulated more than 300 wide range of functions

Accelerates development speed by the API provided by Yubizo Engine.

Since more than 300 functions required for business application development are preliminarily encapsulated in Yubizo Engine, you will be able to implement your necessary functions in a prompt manner. It maximizes the potential of smart devices including iPhone and iPad because the application itself functions as a full native application while retaining high-speed development. As functions not provided by Yubizo Engine can be freely added and extended by Objective-C, flexible development can be achieved.

Convenient APIs are continuously added

Further expanding API libraries will supports speedy development.

We are to provide the following APIs, device control APIs including camera and acceleration sensor, expanded functions APIs including barcode reader and database access, SaaS / Web service federation APIs that support cloud use. By combining APIs, you will be able to address different requirements flexibly depending on each business scene.


Device APIs

  • OS information capture API
  • Camera control API
  • Location information API
  • Device status capture API
  • Microphone control API
  • Acceleration status API
  • Movie player API

Function APIs

  • HTTP communication API
  • WebDAV / FTP access API
  • SMT access API
  • Local database access API
  • Map federation API
  • Barcode reader API
  • Transition control API
  • Menu bar API
  • TV output API


  • Album API
  • Form API
  • Form dictionary API
  • Message box API
  • Document API
  • Glass API
  • Menu bar API
  • Double bar API
  • Popover API
  • View control API

Service APIs

  • Google federation API
  • Google calendar API
  • Google contact API
  • MalcoCRM API
  • Twitter API
  • WebDAV API

Yubizo Developer Portal

We provide various functions required for application development, such as application distribution and management functions.

Yubizo Developer Portal provides various functions to support mobile application development it has developed an environment which supports Yubizo Engine based applications including references and sample codes for application development. Also, the premier version, a paid optional version, includes functions for operations and management to, for example, bulk-distribute applications developed with Yubizo Engine, and manage data within applications as well as installed devices.

Key features

  • Yubizo Developer Portal
  • Reference
  • Developer registration
  • Sample codes
  • Yubizo Developer Portal Premier
  • Application distribution
  • Application management
  • Installed device management
  • Data management within applications
We provide various functions required for application development, such as application distribution and management functions.