CLOMO SecuredCalendar

Group calendar that allows to see
the business team members' schedule

Supported Platforms: iOS / Android / Kindle

With a schedule sharing application, you will not miss important company events

Shared calendar with full security for business.

  • Share important company events

    Administrators are able to register important company event information, such as Events and Meetings into the calendar to share them with users.

  • Bulk-set up users / groups

    Administrators are able to register accounts of users who use the shared calendar, and control the synchronization settings with your existing calendar server.

  • Status capturing and function restriction-every operation can be done remotely

    Enables to remotely perform everything including understanding devices that the application is installed, manage shared address books, application function settings and account management.

Supports event sharing and security at the same time
A shared calendar for business

Does not sacrifice usability for security.

  • Change displayed calendar

    Allows to exclusively display calendars that you would like to see from various shared calendars, such as company calendar and sales department calendar.

  • Freely change the period view

    Users are able to shift the period view between daily, weekly, monthly and list views to get the best view to check events.

  • Able to view personal calendar at the same time

    You are also able to view event information registered in the device's standard calendar application together on CLOMO SecuredCalendar.

Able to exclusively deliver event information including company events and important meeting information to those who require it

Administrators are able to share event information, setting the viewer rights for each department and group.

  • Shared events

    Administrators are able to freely edit calendars for each department and group; such as company calendar, sales department calendar and financial department calendar.

  • Authorize the right of access to each group

    You are able to set the right of accesss per user for the shared calendar. You can give proper rights to required people to optimally share the shared calender.

  • Set the notification settings together

    Administrators are able to set up the notification settings when registering an event, which ensures that users receive important event information.

You can control to prevent event information from being copied to general application

You can set restrictions to prevent the CLOMO SecuredCalendar's event information from being copied to other general applications, which reduces risks of information leakage via unauthorized applications including DropBox and LINE.

Event information

Remotely sets all account information at once.
Minimize users setting errors

Bulk-set up settings for groups that the user belongs to and linked server on behalf of the user.

  • Set up account information

    Administrators are able to set up and manage accounts, passwords, groups that users belong to and devices used of users who use the calendar application.

  • Federated server information settings

    If you have a currently existing calendar server, such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, you can synchronize with them by enabling federation settings for each account.

  • Bulk-import user information in CSV format

    Enables to bulk-import / export user information in a CSV file; no need to register one by one on the administration panel.

Administrators are able to hide password from users

If you do not want to disclose the password for your existing servers like Microsoft Exchange, Office365 and Google Apps, you are able to issue a dedicated password for CLOMO SecuredCalendar and hide the original one from users.


Status capturing and function restriction-every operation can be done remotely

All functions can be remotely performed on the administration panel.

In the event of a problem, it can be responded remotely
You are also able to exclusively delete data in applications

Even in the event of a problem, such as a lost or stole device, you are able to lock the CLOMO SecuredCalendar starting and exclusively delete data in applications so that you can minimize risks of confidential event information gotten in third party's hands and misused.

Remotely responded

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How to Start CLOMO SecuredCalendar

  • Application
  • SecuredCalendar
    environment setup
  • SecuredCalendar
    application distribution
  • Starting the use of the service


  • *1 You will have to subscribe iOS Developer Enterprise Program to use CLOMO SecuredBrowser Enterprise for iOS.
  • *2 When you shift from CLOMO SecuredBrowser for iOS to CLOMO SecuredBrowser Enterprise for iOS, the existing data cannot be migrated.
  • *3 When you shift from CLOMO SecuredBrowser Enterprise for iOS to CLOMO SecuredBrowser for iOS, the existing data cannot be migrated.
  • *4 You cannot concurrently run CLOMO SecuredBrowser Enterprise for iOS and CLOMO SecuredBrowser for iOS on the same device.
  • *5 If you install a firewall to the environment where Wi-Fi is solely used, open two-way of the ports 5223/tcp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp, 53/udp for iOS and 5228/tcp, 5229/tcp, 5230/tcp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp and 53/udp for Android.
  • *6 You cannot have CLOMO MDM Agent Enterprise for iOS / CLOMO SECURED APPs Enterprise for iOS and CLOMO MDM Agent for iOS / CLOMO SECURED APPs for iOS installed on the same device.