CLOMO SecuredBrowser

Prevents end-users from browsing websites
not required for business
Browser application equipped with a filtering function

Supported Platforms: iOS / Android / Kindle

Realizes robust security that secures mobile browsing

Protect users and businesses from various web browsing-related problems.

  • Controls accessible websites

    Enables administrators to preliminarily restrict users' access to websites not relevant to business, such as entertainment news and shopping sites and those with a possible security risks.

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    Prevents browsing data leakage

    Protect browsing data ― prevent information on the internal portal and systems browsed by a web browser, and business data, such as Word and PDF, from leaking to third parties.

  • Remotely monitors operational logs and browsing history

    Allows you to view application operational logs on the administration panel to see who and when browsed which sites and whether end-users have browsed not business related websites.

Supports smooth browsing and security at the same time
It is a mobile browser for business

Does not sacrifice usability for security.

  • Tabbed browsing

    Enables to browse multiple pages with one browser application. With the list view tab, you can see which pages are open at a glance.

  • Shared bookmarks

    Allows end-users to use bookmarks preliminary shared by the administrator, which includes URLs for internal systems or useful websites for business.

  • Multi-file viewer

    Enables to smoothly browse various files dealt in business including movie and voice files as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

  • Support Air Print

    Enables users to print out browsing contents and files with Air Print right away. (* It is only available when the administrator permits users to use Air Print devices. )

  • You can customize your environment as you like

    You can develop the best environment for yourself; including configuring your standard search engine and specifying a map application to be linked with.

We offer three ways to control site browsing which is not relevant to business

You can control site browsing with the easiest method for you.

  • Restricts with the White / Black lists

    Enables administrators to control approved and non-approved website for users with the White/Black lists format.

  • Goes through proxy server

    Allows you to go through a proxy server used in the company with an easy setting and provide the same browsing environment between computers and smart devices.

  • Category filtering (paid option)

    Allows to apply filtering by selecting categories, such as Gamble, Shopping, Entertainment and Crime & Violence, not selecting one site by one site.

CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER is available

Interlocks with database of i-FILTER, the best implemented solution in the market of web filtering for computers. It enables secure and easy browsing restrictions with the category filtering method on harmful websites and entertainment sites that can lower employees productivities during work.

See more for i-FILTER

More than 90 categories

Does not leak browsed data outside

Applies security to browsed data; not just performing access controls.

  • No data left in devices

    Allows you to set information viewed with the browser not to be saved in the device. The information includes website browsing histories and cache data.

  • Restricts clip board use

    Allows to disable copy & paste texts and images on browsing pages to the clip board.

  • Restricts copies of browsed files

    Allows to disable copy of browsing files, such as PDF, Word and Excel to general applications.

I want to prevent only specific sites data from being saved
― SecuredBrowser will address such issues

I want to have specific sites ready for customers for our business proposal but I definitely have to prevent specific sites data to be viewed by third parties including e-Ringi (request for decision) screen in the internal portal site and internal confidential data. CLOMO SecuredBrowser allows you to delete cache for specific pages.

Provides the top level authentication with a digital certificate + SSO (charged)

Combining the CLOMO SecuredBrowser's digital certificate distribution option and CLOMO GATE allows you to have a robust authentication environment that prevents unauthorized accesses from third parties at internal portals and systems login.

See more for the federated digital certificate

Digital certificate

Status capturing and function restriction―every operation can be done remotely

All functions can be remotely performed on the administration panel.

Bulk-share your frequently accessing websites with bookmark

Allows administrators to bulk-distribute bookmarks to the application. Bookmarks includes URLs for business required internal portal sites and websites that they want users to view. Administrators are also able to restrict personal bookmark registration by user.


We offer other convenient applications

APPs series that supports security and usability at the same time.

  • CLOMO SecuredBrowser
    CLOMO SecuredBrowser

    CLOMO SecuredBrowser is a browser application that allows secure web browsing with smart devices. Administrators can restrict inappropriate websites for business and bulk-setup view-recommended bookmarks.

    See more

  • CLOMO SecuredMailer
    CLOMO SecuredMailer

    CLOMO SecuredMailer is a mailer application with advanced security functions. It enables email transmissions/receptions anytime and anywhere, and protects businesses from the risks of information leakage with restriction setting of cache and attachment file copies.

    See more

  • CLOMO SecuredCalendar
    CLOMO SecuredCalendar

    CLOMO SecuredCalendar is a group calendar application that allows a secure schedule sharing within your company. Using a group calendar based on your organization structure allows users to see members schedule in one glance.

    See more

  • CLOMO SecuredContacts
    CLOMO SecuredContacts

    CLOMO SecuredContacts is a secure shared address book application. You can set access control in a group base by registering various contacts into the shared address book. It manages contacts that should be shared in an organization in a secure and effective manner.

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  • CLOMO SecuredDocs
    CLOMO SecuredDocs

    CLOMO SecuredDocs is a secure internal-document-sharing application. It allows administrators to set file access rights for each group, restrict email attachments and securely share the latest documents and catalog information.

    See more

How to Start CLOMO SecuredBrowser

  • Application
  • SecuredBrowser
    environment setup
  • SecuredBrowser
    application distribution/download
  • Starting the use of the service


  • *1 You will have to subscribe iOS Developer Enterprise Program to use CLOMO SecuredBrowser Enterprise for iOS.
  • *2 When you shift from CLOMO SecuredBrowser for iOS to CLOMO SecuredBrowser Enterprise for iOS, the existing data cannot be migrated.
  • *3 When you shift from CLOMO SecuredBrowser Enterprise for iOS to CLOMO SecuredBrowser for iOS, the existing data cannot be migrated.
  • *4 You cannot concurrently run CLOMO SecuredBrowser Enterprise for iOS and CLOMO SecuredBrowser for iOS on the same device.
  • *5 If you install a firewall to the environment where Wi-Fi is solely used, open two-way of the ports 5223/tcp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp, 53/udp for iOS and 5228/tcp, 5229/tcp, 5230/tcp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp and 53/udp for Android.
  • *6 You cannot have CLOMO MDM Agent Enterprise for iOS / CLOMO SECURED APPs Enterprise for iOS and CLOMO MDM Agent for iOS / CLOMO SECURED APPs for iOS installed on the same device.