Business application series
for corporate use with full security functions

Supported Platforms: iOS / Android / Kindle

APPs series for bussinesses supporting security and usability at the same time

Provides not only convenience but also security and management functions necessary for businesses.

CLOMO Browser
  • Leverages your assets with mobile devices

    APPs is a business application series which allows you to safely use various business owned assets with mobile devices including customers address books, email data, and schedule information as well as documents like Word, Excel, PDF.

  • 360°full security

    Provides security functions that eliminate various risks from any usage scenes from application installation to practical use and trouble occurrence in order to safely leverage company assets even with mobile devices.

  • Easy operation with remote control

    It is difficult to manage and operate millions of applications delivered to employees. To reduce administrator's burden, SECURED APPs provides management functions that allow various operations remotely.

You can access the same information you have in the office from outside

Get a smart work style with business applications designed for business use.

  • Connecting to Exchage and Google Apps

    Connecting to your Exchange server, Office365 or Google Apps allows you to use the registered email accounts, calendar and address information as they have been.

  • Supports various file format

    You can view various files with mobile devices; such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, movies and images that you usually handle on business.

  • Available even off-line

    If you enable the setting to save data to applications, you can browse received emails, address books and schedule information anytime even under offline environment.

You can securely leverage assets in the office with mobile devices

Many of business applications require you to newly create dedicated address book, calendar, and document files for each of them. However, as CLOMO SECURED APPs can interlock with your current business assets, such as Exchange server, Office365 and Google Apps, you can use business applications right away.

Full security functions that secures business data

Maintain all the processes secure; from application installation to its use and trouble occurrence.

Security during installation and startup
  • Distributes applications through a dedicated company environment

    We provide two types of application distribution methods; one is installation through App Store or Google Play, and the other is through your dedicated company environment that requires a password authentication.

  • Restricts data copy to other applications

    You can restricts business data and document files being viewed on an application, not to be copied to other application (unauthorized applications, such as LINE and DropBox).

  • Lock start up of application

    You can enforce to block applicaiton launch even when a third person accidentaly obtains the device.

  • Calls for password when starting

    You can set up whether an application prompt users for their password or not when starting up the application, which protects the application data even when a third person accidentaly obtains the device.

  • No data remains in devices

    To prevent business data from being stored in applications, administrators can set up the cache storage limit.

  • Force-deletes data in applications

    You can delete all data in applications even if a device gets lost or stolen and never come back.

We retain the security intensity
and safely link data

You can link data between CLOMO SECURED APPs series and improve the usability.

  • Data linkage, data coordination

    You can setup to coordinate data within CLOMO SECURED APPs series, which improve the usability while retaining the security intensity.

  • Secure data coordination within the series

    Users can freely design the coordination pattern by, for example, enabling linkage between the mailer and address book only or browser and file sharing application only.

  • Cooperate with in-house application *

    We are scheduled to provide extended module (SDK) to easily and securely cooperate with data in in-house applications.

  • * The SDK provision date is to be determined.

Fully supports BYOD and strongly protect business data exclusively in applications

BYOD users, who brings their own smart devices to business, are drastically increasing. Even the devices belong to the users, the business data must be protected by the business. CLOMO SECURED APPs can exclusively manage data in applications and achieves a smooth introduction of BYOD to your business without violating privacy of the users.


All operations on one panel remotely

Perform all the operations, status capturing, function restriction and emergency measures, on one panel.

For configuration changes, a push message is sent to notify the user

When you add a new document or bookmark or change an application setting, the push message function will deliver the notification message to the user.


Start utilizing mobile devices with business applications

APPs series that supports security and usability at the same time.