Make the distribution and management of
mobile application more easy
In-house application management portal

Supported Platforms: iOS / Android / Kindle


In-house application management portal achieves wireless application distribution.


CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL provides business used smart devices with a portal site where users can wirelessly download distributed in-house applications and recommended applications on market place. It also provides management functions for the portal site.


Provides an integrated management environment for
multi-OS and multi-device.

  • Provides an integrated management environment for multi-OS and multi-device

    You can establish an application distribution portal by registering applications to the management panel. The access to the portal is limited to the internal users only. You do not need to prepare a server for application distribution.

  • Wireless distribution

    iOS users used to install applications by connecting a cable to their devices. Now, using this portal allows to wirelessly distribute applications within the company.

  • Register App Store's recommendations

    CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL allows you to register recommended applications that are recommended for business use out of over 400,000 applications available on App Store.

  • Register in-house applications

    It is not appropriate to distribute internally developed in-house applications on a market place. By using internal dedicated portal site, you will be able to distribute these applications securly.
    (Application size limit: Up to 600 MB)

  • Mass concurrent access is supported

    Even if over 1,000 devices access the portal at one time, CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL works properly by automatically running only the required number of servers.

  • Define distribution destination for each application

    Able to specify publication destination, such as sales, finance, and development departmentsby by application. As a result you will be able to distribute best suited application for each organization and department.

Advanced application management

ManagedApps functions allows advanced application management.


Service conditions

  • Supported devices: devices with MDM configuration profile installed and iOS 5 or higher
Types of applications allowed be registered as Managed Apps

CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL supports the new distribution method of the Volume Purchase Program

You will be able to retrieve or re-distribute paid App Store applications and perform silent installation on iOS devices since CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL supports "Managed Distribution" method of Apple's Volume Purchase Program for corporate or educational entities.

■Major advantages of the new function

  • Allows businesses to distribute, retrieve, and re-distribute paid applications available at App Store.
  • Due to the above advantage, license costs for paid App Store applications are optimized and users just need to purchase required amount.
  • Silent installation is available for free and paid App Store applications.
  • * To use this function, you will have to apply for the CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL.
  • * To install apps silently, you will have to set iOS devices to the Supervised Mode with the Apple Configurator.
Volume Purchase Program

Comparisons of new functions between iOS, Android and Kindle Fire

Management/ control function iOS Android Kindle Fire
Registration and distribution of in-house applications
Registration and distribution of market applications
(App Store)

(Google Play)

(Amazon Android App Store)
Managed Apps features

・Notifications of application installations and updates

(iOS 5 or higher)
× ×

・Application force-uninstallation

(iOS 5 or higher)
× ×

Uninstallation of the application when MDM configuration profile is deleted

(iOS 5 or higher)
× ×

Prevention of application backup to iTunes and iCloud

(iOS 5 or higher)
× ×
Defines organizations which each application will be published ○ (*1) ○ (*2) ×
Size of one application to be registered/ distributed 600MB
Total capacity of the disk to store applications 1.8GB
  • *1 To use this function, you will have to apply for the CLOMO MDM Agent for iOS or CLOMO MPKI secured by Cybertrust and CLOMO SecuredBrowser.
  • *2 To use this function, you will have to apply for the CLOMO MPKI secured by Cybertrust and native browser.

Implementation flow