Cloud gateway protects accesses
to your cloud and internal system

Supported Platforms: iOS / Android / PC / Kindle


Access control service to help enhance the security when you logging into your cloud.


CLOMO GATE controls accesses from PCs and smart devices to cloud services to help enhance the security. It allows access restrictions via IP address and device authentications and you to set up access controls by following operational rules of each department.

Features of CLOMO GATE

Provides an integrated management environment of multi-OS and multi-device.

  • Improves security with access controls

    When your users access to your cloud services, you can control accesses by using IP addresses and device information other than ID and password to increase the security level.

  • Single-sign on, which does not require multiple IDs

    With the single-sign on function, users do not have to manage different IDs and passwords for each service and they can use multiple services with only one common ID and password.

  • Bulk-apply policies to each department

    Able to bulk-distribute different access policies to each department , such as sales, finance, and general affairs departments in accordance with the organization structure information.

  • Distribute client certificates to personal computers

    CLOMO GATE enables you to use digital certificates for users authentication to enhance security. Also, these certificates can be distributed to personal computers.

  • Federated authentication with AD / LDAP

    Allows federated authentication in more smooth manner by synchronizing one's account information of Google Apps and user information in AD server.

  • Achieve top level security

    For those who seek for top level security, we offer optional services allowing multi-factor authentication using Cybertrust's digital certificates and Pawssword Authentication.

Achieve higher level of authentication
CLOMO GATE secured by Cybertrust

Upper model allowing authentication using digital certificate.

CLOMO secured by cybertrust

CLOMO GATE secured by Cybertrust provides a robust system authentication mechanism coupling with Cybertrust's digital certificates.
It provides convenience and security for connections to cloud services or internal systems.

CLOMO GATE IP restriction / Browser restriction / Device authentication

CLOMO GATE secured by Cybertrust IP restriction / Browser restriction / Device authentication / Digital certificate

  • * CLOMO GATE secured by Cybertrust is not available on Kindle Fire series.

CLOMO GATE implementation flow

  • Implement Google Apps for Business
  • Apply for CLOMO GATE
  • Set up administrative server
  • Start the use of the service
  • Application must be made for each accounts in the service to be managed such as Google Apps for Business.
  • No other systems (e.g.. hardware) are required.