Announcing the Start of “CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER” for Widely Enhanced Professional Browser Filtering Functions

Announcing the Start of “CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER” for Widely Enhanced Professional Browser Filtering Functions-A Collaboration Between Web Filtering Industry Leader Digital Arts, Inc. and Corporate Smart Device Solution Provider i³ Systems-

Press Release

Oct 10, 2012
i³ Systems, Inc.

i³ Systems, Inc. (headquartered in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka; Founder and CEO: Tsutomu Sasaki; “i³ Systems” below) and information security provider Digital Arts, Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Toshio Dogu; securities code 2326; “Digital Arts” below) are pleased to announce their collaboration in the field of corporate-oriented smart device Web filtering.
With this tie-up, the database correlating function of Digital Arts’ “i-FILTER” (which boasts the highest rate of adoption (※1) as well as product precision (※2) in the PC Web filtering market) has been combined (※3) with the “CLOMO SecuredBrowser” browser app developed independently by i³ Systems for its CLOMO SECURED APPs mobile app series (which itself is equipped with the security and remote control functions necessary to utilize smart devices in a corporate setting) to create ”CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER”, scheduled to be available in its first phase geared towards iOS from October 30, 2012.

  • *1:According to the 2012 “User Survey on Security Contents Solutions” performed by MIC Research Institute, Ltd.
  • *2:According to a 2012 survey performed by Veriserve Corp.
  • *3:Provides a database combining the Cloud-based Web filtering system “ARS (Active Rating System)” from the “i-FILTER” series of flagship products from top shareholder in the Japanese Web filtering market, Digital Arts.

Through the provision of “CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER” with its widely enhanced Web filtering database and alongside its CLOMO SecuredBrowser features, i³ Systems’ solutions let you restrict access to dangerous or entertainment Web sites that may lead to a decrease in employee productivity during business hours. Digital Arts has also achieved expansion of sales, via both its established distributors and new sales routes in the field of corporate-oriented Web filtering service through this partnership.

i³ Systems and Digital Arts aim to continue to strengthen Web browser database correlation in the corporate smart device market, which is only expected to grow in the future.

Summary of “CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER” Service

■ Service Name: CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER

■ Usage Fee: \4,320 Yen / Year (Taxes Excluded)

  • ※ This service will be sold by i³ Systems and its distributors separately from CLOMO SecuredBrowser.
  • ※CLOMO SecuredBrowser offers management features (such as local cache saving restriction and collective bookmark distribution) for a base fee of \4,200 Yen / license / year (taxes excluded). For details, please visit our website at:

■ Compliant Devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 5.1.1 and newer.

■ Main Features

○The Most Highly Accurate Filtering Database in the Field:
“CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER” is comprised of a filtering database offered by Digital Arts (which has the highest filtering accuracy standards in the field) and “CLOMO SecuredBrowser” (a dedicated browser). This filtering function is significantly effective in preventing information leaks due to threats on the Web and personal use, and can also be used in not only 3G but also Wi-Fi environments (which contain many gaps through which sensitive information can leak from smartphones).
※Click the link below to see a list of preset filtering categories (Japanese only):

○Response to Standard Attack Strategies:
“CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER” has a effective exit strategy function on board and acts as a deterrent against the standard pattern of attack seen in recent years. Even if a smartphone is infected with malware, you can block prompts to visit malicious sites.

○Seamless Use of Filtering Function
“CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER” lets you use a Web filtering function seamlessly in “CLOMO SecuredBrowser”.

■ Correlation with CLOMO Series, Including CLOMO MDM
“CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER” maintains correlating functions with services like CLOMO MDM and CLOMO SECURED APPs. The CLOMO series comes equipped with a number of functions for achieving a high level of security in everything from smart devices to apps.

■ Orders Accepted From October 22, 2012

■ Available From October 30, 2012


Tomoyo Shoji
Marketing Head Office
Phone : 03-6450-1880

Advertising Director, Operations Planning Dept., Digital Arts, Inc.
Phone : 03-5220-1110
E-mail :

【About CLOMO】

Based on the idea that “services, apps, and devices are all the Cloud”, CLOMO is a platform service that includes everything businesses need to utilize the Cloud. We currently offer CLOMO MDM, CLOMO GATE, CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL, and CLOMO SECURED APPs in the product series.

【About i³ Systems, Inc.】

i³ Systems is an software platform provider based in Fukuoka, Japan engaged in the development and retention of technology to fully utilize the enterprise Cloud and smart devices. While we offer extension tools to supplement various public Cloud services like Google Apps, in the smart device sector, we have developed Yubizo Engine, an extensive framework library that utilizes the potential of the Web and enables the development of advanced applications using HTML and JavaScript. We are working to become a front-runner geared towards the realization of a next-generation IT environment that integrates everything from the Cloud to smart devices and apps. Our innovations have been recognized on several occasions: i³ Systems was the only Japanese company to win a Google Award in the Solutions category at Google Enterprise Day 2010 (Oct. 29, 2010). We also specialize in the development of various Ruby (a programming language) products and services, winning Awards of Excellence at the Fukuoka Ruby Awards for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009).

■About “i-FILTER”

“i-FILTER” is corporate-oriented Web filtering software used to prevent information leaks and effectively utilize the Web. With one of the largest Web filtering databases in the industry and its patented “ZBRAIN” filtering technology, i-FILTER lets you block access to inappropriate Websites during business hours with incredible accuracy. In addition to preventing information leaks via the Web (e.g. Web-based E-mail use, forum posts, etc.), since the content of such correspondence can be recorded, verified, and saved, i-FILTER is an effective internal control solution. i-FILTER is already being used in over 7,000 companies, public offices, and other organizations as well as more than 25,000 school and educational institutions throughout Japan (as of late March 2012).

■ About Digital Arts, Inc.

Digital Arts is a company involved in the information security business, with filtering technology at its core. The company does everything from product planning and development to sale and support, and offers added value as the maker to put the first Japanese Web filtering software out on the market. The company is also highly acclaimed for both its Web filtering databases (one of the largest in Japan that supports the foundation of the company’s filtering product) and its technological strength (which has been patented in 27 regions and countries throughout the world). In addition to offering i-FILTER (the Web filtering software with the greatest market share in Japan) for both personal and professional use, Digital Arts also offers “m-FILTER” (an E-mail filtering software geared towards businesses), “D-SPA” (a secure proxy appliance product), and “FinalCode” (a file security solution).

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