Advisor Takeo Miyanomiya Publishes Book, Ryoma, the Businessman

Advisor Takeo Miyanomiya Publishes Book, Ryoma, the BusinessmanWhat Does it Take to Do the Impossible?

Oct 14, 2011
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■ Introducing

Only people with the spirit of famed samurai Ryoma Sakamoto will overcome the greatest national disaster since the WWII and create a new Japan!
Author Takeo Miyanomiya's latest book is the former Sony president and current Chairman of Sony Ryoma Group's theory of behavior that will lead to the reconstruction of a powerful Japan. Why is Ryoma still adored by so many Japanese even 150 years after his death? The author reveals that secret, painting a picture of a man with high aspirations, a broad perspective, the spirit of a venture capitalist, the ability to take action, persuasive power, charm, and foresight. By learning about the way of life of a man who, in his brief 33 years, twice fled from his domain for his life, organized the navy and trading company Kaientai, and steered the country away from shogunate rule and towards the path back to imperial rule, Miyanomiya hopes readers will come to see for themselves a certain quality that present-day Japanese lack. Particularly, he feels that although Japan must take on the world with its advanced technological power, that fact that the country does not turn out venture companies sets off warning bells.
An interesting offshoot in Miyanomiya's work also delves into the mystery of Ryoma's assassination, asserting that he was most likely not the primary target but simply caught up in a plot to assassinate fellow samurai Shintaro Nakaoka. (From Introduction on

■ Takeo Minomiya

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1944, Mr. Miyanomiya graduated from Waseda University (one of the most prestigious in Japan). After entering Sony Corp., he worked in a broad number of sectors, first overseeing the development and manufacturing of early transistors before progressing to video and PC device design (including the passport-sized Handycam camcorder and the VAIO series of PCs) and eventually semiconductor development. Mr. Miyanomiya served as Officer in Charge of the Production Engineering Laboratory as well as President of Sony's recording media and energy companies. He served as an Executive Operating Officer from 1999, and as a Senior Operating Officer after heading up component and semiconductor activities, he became Co-CQO (Chief Quality Officer) responsible for quality control and Vice President of Sony EMCS (which consistently provides design, manufacturing, customer service, and material procurement) from 2001. During his time at Sony, Mr. Miyanomiya contributed to the company's fundamental manufacturing activities.
Mr. Miyanomiya retired from Sony in 2005 and established MINO-SUN FARM Co., Ltd. in February of 2006, acting as President. In 2008 he became Chairman of TNP Partners Corp. (a venture capital investment and advisory firm). Utilizing the experience and network he built up during his years at Sony, Mr. Miyanomiya is supporting the growth of a number of companies. He is also an External Director for Tamura Corp. and heads up Sony Ryoma Group.(This data appears in the "About the Author" section of the original publication)

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