i³ Systems and VeriSign Japan Agree to Jointly Develop and Offer CLOMO SECURE SUITE with VeriSign, an Integrated Security Solution for the Utilization of Cloud Services and Smart Devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android

i³ Systems and VeriSign Japan Agree to Jointly Develop and Offer CLOMO SECURE SUITE with VeriSign, an Integrated Security Solution for the Utilization of Cloud Services and Smart Devices like the iPhone, iPad, and AndroidCLOMO SECURE SUITE with VeriSign Fuses Certification and One-time Password Systems, Providing Highly Secure Access to Cloud Services Like Google Apps

Press Release

Mar 31, 2011
i³ Systems, Inc.

i³ Systems, Inc. (headquartered in Onojo City, Fukuoka; CEO: Tsutomu Sasaki) is pleased to announce its agreement with VeriSign Japan K.K. (headquartered in Central Tokyo; Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Katsunori Furuichi; referred to below as “VeriSign”) to cooperate on the development and sale of CLOMO SECURE SUITE with VeriSign, an integrated security solution for the more secure usage of cloud services from PCs and smart devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Androids. The service will be available from both companies beginning on April 2011.

■ Summary of CLOMO SECURE SUITE with VeriSign

CLOMO SECURE SUITE with VeriSign is a new authentication platform service that fuses CLOMO (our integrated management platform for the Cloud and smart devices) with VeriSign’s Managed PKI (a trusted digital certificate provisioning service) and VIP Authentication (which strengthens personal authentications) services. CLOMO SECURE SUITE with VeriSign resolves several issues facing administrators operating and managing Cloud services or multiple smart devices: the sometimes overwhelming task of managing smart devices and complex corporate systems available both internally and externally, as well as the risk of information leaks. The core technology of this service is composed of two services from our next-generation IT platform, CLOMO, namely CLOMO GATE (a gateway service) and CLOMO MDM※ (a device management service). By fusing this technology with VeriSign’s globally established digital certificate and one-time password systems, i³ Systems and VeriSign Japan have achieved and even more mobile, reliable, and highly secure IT environment.

(※)Launched in Japan in November of 2011, CLOMO is the country’s the largest corporate smart device management platform, overseeing more than 10,000 iOS devices.

■ Details of CLOMO SECURE SUITE with VeriSign Services

- CLOMO MDM with VeriSign MPKI

  • With the MDM functions, administrators can distribute and nullify digital certificates to smart devices remotely.
  • Enables device certificate authentications when logging into Cloud services or an in-house system from smart devices or PCs.
  • In the event of loss or theft, the MDM feature allows administrators to wipe device data remotely.
    The fusion of our CLOMO MDM service (which facilitates the remote, collective management of smart devices like the iPhone / iPad / Android used in-house) with the Managed PKI service offered by VeriSign allows administrators to instantly enforce installations or removals of device certificates that they provide.

- CLOMO GATE secured by VeriSign MPKI

  • CLOMO GATE provides access restriction and Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities, enabling secure logins to multiple Cloud services or systems with a single ID / password and a device certificate.
    CLOMO GATE (which provides access restriction to and SSO capabilities for in-house systems as well as a variety of Cloud services like Google Apps) enables authentications with device certificates distributed via the MDM service and achieves advanced device authentications when users login to Cloud services, offering a secure environment. Even if an ID / password leaks, CLOMO GATE prevents access from all but one specific device, and in the event that a smart device is lost or stolen, our MDM service enables remote data wipes, allowing you to maintain a solid security system.

- CLOMO GATE secured by VeriSign VIP-Auth

  • Enables logins to Cloud services and in-house systems from smart devices / PCs with one-time password authentications.
  • By providing access restriction and SSO capabilities, CLOMO GATE facilitates secure logins to Cloud services / systems with a one-time password in addition to a single ID / password.
  • With its stringent token-based identity authentications, CLOMO GATE allows you to provide services but deny usage to all but a specific individual.
    Utilizing CLOMO GATE (which provides access restriction and SSO capabilities) to perform one-time password authentications enables more stringent identity authentications when logging into in-house systems and a variety of Cloud services (e.g. Google Apps), blocking access to all but a specific individual.

■ About CLOMO  http://www.i3-systems.com/clomo.html

Service Name:CLOMO
We at i³ Systems consider smart devices and mobile applications to be extensions of the Cloud, and feel that they require a more secure environment. We believe not only that PCs and mobile services should be managed as IT assets, but also that ideal Cloud services should be used on (or in) the best device (or environment) whether you’re in the office or on the go. CLOMO was developed to satisfy these demands and differs fundamentally from other IT management solutions. With CLOMO, companies can relate their actual resources (e.g. employees, divisions, etc; “real assets”), their Cloud service resources (e.g. SFAs / CRMs, online storage, communication services like Google Apps, etc.; “Cloud assets”), and all of the smart device resources that utilize them (“Cloud device assets”), achieving integrated management in accordance with their security rules and policies. i³ Systems is currently offering three services in the CLOMO series: CLOMO GATE (which provides access restriction and SSO capabilities when logging into each Cloud service you use), CLOMO MDM (which enables the remote management of smart devices), and CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL (which lets you distribute in-house applications over-the-air).

・CLOMO GATE (SSO / Access Control)
Provides access restriction and SSO capabilities when accessing various Cloud services from your computer’s browser or smart devices. Lets you configure IP address and browser restrictions for enhanced security at login.

・CLOMO MDM (Mobile Device Management)
CLOMO MDM is the only iOS 4.x-compliant mobile device management service available in Japan. In autumn of 2010, i³ Systems received a limited specification disclosure from Apple Inc., allowing us to develop and commercially launch the first solution with iOS 4.x-compliant MDM features on-board in Japan. As of February 2011, over 10 thousand iPhones and iPads are running under CLOMO MDM management, making it the largest SaaS-type smart device management platform in the country. CLOMO MDM simultaneously enables a variety of remote smart device operations (including remote wipes and locks) and the collective, remote enforcement of various configurations (e.g. mail and network settings, passcode fortification, restriction of installable applications, etc.) on each device.

・CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL (In-house Application Management)
MOBILE APP PORTAL offers a portal site for the easy distribution of in-house as well as App Store apps to iPhones / iPads used in-house, in addition to a management function for those apps. Just like CLOMO MDM, MOBILE APP PORTAL can help slash labor costs related to the introductory and post-deployment update distributions as well as initial kitting that become necessary when companies begin integrating large numbers of smart devices and utilizing mobile applications in earnest.

With CLOMO, i³ Systems became the first Japanese company to be featured on Apple Inc.’s official homepage. (View it here:http://www.apple.com/iphone/business/integration/mdm/)

■ About i³ Systems, Inc.  http://www.i3-systems.com/message.html

i³ Systems is an IT venture based in Fukuoka, Japan engaged in the development and retention of technology to fully utilize the enterprise cloud. We are also developing comprehensive services for Google Apps and Oracle CRM On Demand in addition to providing supplemental extension tools for these SaaS services. In the smart device sector, we offer Yubizo Engine, a framework library that enables the effortless development of advanced applications using HTML and JavaScript. We are working to become a front-runner geared towards the realization of a next-generation IT environment that integrates everything from the cloud to smart devices. Our innovations have been recognized on several occasions: i³ Systems was the only Japanese company to win a Google Award in the Solutions category at Google Enterprise Day 2010 (Oct. 29, 2010). We also specialize in the development of various Ruby (a programming language) products and services, winning Awards of Excellence at the Fukuoka Ruby Awards for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009).

Name:i³ Systems, Inc.
Address:2-15-1 Tsutsui, Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture 816-0931
Established:January 2001
Capital:65 million Yen
Representative: Tsutomu Sasaki (CEO)

About VeriSign Japan K.K.

Established in 1996, VeriSign Japan K.K. (TSE Mothers Ticker: 3722) was the first overseas entity of VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), and became a subsidiary of Symantec Corp. in August of 2010. In the increasingly complicated network environment, VeriSign Japan strives to achieve corporate environments in which users can conduct business and communications without having to worry about the technological infrastructure, offering a variety of services for total information security (including an SSL server certificate issuing service that validates the identity of websites, an outsourcing service for establishing certificate authorities [CA], domain name registration services, security consultation, and security training).

Name:VeriSign Japan K.K.
Address:2-8-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0028
Established:February 23, 1996
Capital:Over 4 billion Yen (Consolidated)
Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Katsunori Furuichi

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