CLOMO COMPASS will take you and business to the future
A specialized original application will transform your business

We will support the whole processes to design, develop, operate and evolve to create your original application

A range of services that supports continuous and phased evolution of your original application.

Supports continuous development

Not like in traditional system development, user experience is significantly important in mobile application development. In order to seek for the best usability, it is important to have a system that makes smooth the design, development, usage and feedback of application development and circularly repeats the processes. COMPASS SOLUTION offers application development which aims to develop continuously evolving application.

Develop better application with spiral-up

Mobile application that you will create in future will become something indispensable in your business. It means a trivial usability difference in the application will largely affect on your business effectiveness. Therefore, in mobile application development it is important to design a development plan to allow to reflect small day-to-day findings into the application to improve the application usability in a phased manner.



In order to seek for an optimum design
for each user

Never be able to see the usability of suit,
shoes and mobile application without trying them on.

increasing UX

Not like in traditional system development, user experience is significantly important in mobile application development. We quickly repeat Realization and Modification of ideas to provide users intuitive application with an optimum usability.

  • Wide range of easy reach application templates

    We offer wide range of templates of, such as reports, customer management, brochures and sales order management that enables customers to easily reach the application images. This allows us to move to the development phase after confirming the finalized image.

  • Accelerates application development with our unique engine

    Using Yubizo Engine helps speedy and rapid application development in HTML+JavaScript. It is our special mobile application development engine with more than 300 encapsulated functions including database federation, high-speed sensors and bar-code readers.

  • Supports mass application and data distribution

    It is indispensable to federate the database and system to run mobile applications. To improve application performance, we offer a cloud type of mobile backend system to smoothly coordinate data between the main system and external systems.

  • Provides robust operation / management structure

    It is required to have a system to show whether a developed application is working properly and who and how is using the application in order to improve the application serviceability and maintainability. In parallel with application development, we will also develop a system that supports your operations including application distribution and operation monitoring.