Welcomo to the future work style

Welcome to the future work style

Supported Platforms: iOS / macOS / Android / Windows / Kindle

CLOMO, a smart device management and utilization platform, provides you business mobility

Eliminate security risks and let's make smart devices your business advantage.

For all of those who use smart device for business,
we support all the steps from operation to utilization of smart device

CLOMO is a user-friendly service that can be used by anyone who are going to use or has already been using smart devices.

  • STEP 1
    Device implementation

    CLOMO can eliminate your concerns on smart device implementation. We offer a system where you can manage many various types of smart devices used in the company in a secure and effective manner.

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  • STEP 2
    Use of business applications

    CLOMO can eliminate the concerns for using smart devices for business. We provide secure and user-friendly application series to meet all the users needs for using fundamental business application, including mailer, browser, file sharing applications.

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  • STEP 3
    Business transformation

    Implementing a new tool transforms your business. We provide a solution customization service from application development to an operation management environment to meet your need to turn the original application into the perfect tool.

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CLOMO supports various industry and sized businesses and various devices to meet everyone's needs

CLOMO provides easy-to-use functions for any smart device using businesses. It provides high scalability that allows businesses to perform flexible operations in spite of their operation scale, and also supports various OSs including iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle.

any size

Freely combine services you need

Issues, needs and future goals vary depending on people.
You are allowed to freely combine services you need.

Mobile Device Management / Mobile Application Management

Provide procedures to respond to a lost or stolen device, operations complying with IT policy (restricting functions), and effective management of a mass devices and applications.

Security measures and enhancement

Provide virus and malware preventive measures, enhanced authentication for internal network access, and enhanced authentication for cloud/ web services use.

Protect confidentiality with business application

Realize "measure for information leakage", "efficient license management", "protection of in-app data", and "operation based on IT policy" for business applications.

Construction and customization of application and operation enviroment to support the needs of company

Provide original application best suited for individual businesses, low cost and quick application development, continuous customization service, and effective operations.

Develop the best environment by freely combining service you need

You can freely combine our optional services as you need.
We provide the best operating environment based on your operation policy.