Obayashi Corporation implemented CLOMO across the company to utilize more than 4,000 iPads

Obayashi Corporation implemented CLOMO across the company to utilize more than 4,000 iPads-Realize advanced MDM, MAM, and MCM with CLOMO-

Press Release

Oct 24, 2013
i³ Systems, Inc.

i³ Systems, Inc. (hereinafter “i³ Systems”; head office: Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka; CEO: Tsutomu Sasaki) would like to announce that Obayashi Corporation (hereinafter “Obayashi”; head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Toru Shiraishi) has implemented CLOMO into their iPad operation, management and utilization environment across the company.

【Utilization Status of iPad at Obayashi】

Obayashi employs a field inspection support system using iPads for their quality inspections to innovate the traditional work style of field construction managers. At construction fields it is required to accurately understand the construction status and progress and address issues on a case-by-case basis. They used to be required to carry many documents to fields including drawings for confirmation and if there are any changes, they needed to go back to the office to reflect them to the related documents. However, after the iPad implementation, they are now able to eliminate needless operations and improve the work efficiency by checking and immediately modifying drawings and documents at the field with iPad. (*1)

【Obayashi environment achieved by CLOMO】

Obayashi has implemented CLOMO across the company as a product to support iPad utilization. CLOMO is used for the objectives as follows.

・Improve efficiency of device operation management: CLOMO MDM
 Has implemented a cloud type of device management infrastructure service for more than 4,000 iPads to check the utilization status, address information leakage, and improve operational efficiency and achieved mobile device management (MDM) environment that allows for efficient large-scale operation and flexible scalability.

・Improve efficiency of mobile app operation management: CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL
Has implemented a cloud type of mobile app management and operation infrastructure service for efficient management and operation of various mobile apps including Obayashi’s own business apps and achieved an MAM (Mobile Application Management) environment that allows for large-sized app distributions and detailed app management. (*2)

・Promote efficiency of file sharing and address information leakage: CLOMO SecuredDocs
Has securely shared various documents including technical data, safety related documents, pictures and diagrams required for construction management and, in order to improve their business speed, achieved an MCM (Mobile Content Management) environment that allows for large-sized file distributions and controlling data transfers between apps by employing a document sharing app with a remote management system.

・Address information leakage when users browsing website: CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER
An infrastructure is required to allow users to securely view internal portal site and website through their mobile work. Obayashi has employed a web browser app with a remote management system to achieve a web browsing environment with advanced security functions including a control of data transfers between apps and access control to non-business related websites.

【Endorsement from Obayashi regarding CLOMO implementation】

CLOMO was not just an MDM service but provided all we needed including a portal site for internal apps, a browser with URL filtering implemented, and a secure document sharing service. Also, the prompt services provided by the sales representative and concierges (*3) allow us to implement CLOMO in a prompt and smooth manner.

Obayashi Corporation Global ICT Promotion Office, Hideyuki Horiuchi

As a front runner of the market of the smart devices for corporate entities, i³ Systems would like to endeavor to provide the latest and best technologies to the existing users as fast as possible.

  • *1: Visit the following URL for the details of Obayashi’s iPad utilization.http://www.obayashi.co.jp/press/news20120718_01
  • *2: Managed Apps function, an iOS function of CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL, provides advanced management functions including “App installation notification”, “App force-uninstallation”, and “App auto-force-uninstallation when it becomes out of MDM control”.
  • *3: i³ Systems offers the CLOMO concierge service to provide supports on CLOMO products, and advice on efficient its operation and management as well as advanced utilization of smart devices for those who are considering to implement CLOMO or to expand their utilization after a trial or implementation of CLOMO.

(Supplemental documents)

■ About CLOMO MDM  http://www.i3-systems.com/mdm_en.html

CLOMO MDM provides remote management services, including operational efficiency, by enabling remote IT policy settings to operate and utilize smart devices within a company securely and efficiently, measures against stolen or lost devices using remote device lock or data wipe functions, and usage monitoring by sending an alert to the administrator when a jailbreak or malware is detected. CLOMO MDM has been implemented by 5,500 companies and won No. 1 share (*4) in the MDM market.

■About CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL  http://www.i3-systems.com/portal_en.html

Provides dedicated app portal sites for customers to distribute and manage business apps wirelessly.
 ※ To use CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL, users need to apply for CLOMO MDM.

■About CLOMO SecuredDocs  http://www.i3-systems.com/secureddocs_en.html

CLOMO SecuredDocs is a mobile app that offers both security and usability. It also provides a remote management system, and functions to collect usage log for documents and control data transfers between data, which allows for file sharing of various formats including PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, movies and electronic book format files and large-sized file distributions. CLOMO SecuredDoc is also available offline since it is offered as a native app.

■About CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER

CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER is a mobile app that prevents various problems while browsing the Internet. It also provides a remote management system, and functions to manage access logs, control data copies between apps, and restricts browsing websites in whitelist/ blacklist/ category filter formats. CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER is offered as a native app and provides an interface equivalent to standard apps.

【Inquiries related to this press release】

i³ Systems, Inc.
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Person in charge: Shoji
Phone: 03-6450-1880

■ About CLOMO  http://www.i3-systems.com/clomo_en.html

Based on the vision “Cloud is all about cloud services, apps, and devices,” CLOMO continues to evolve as the world’s first mobile first platform service with everything required for businesses to best utilize mobile and cloud technologies.

■ About i³ Systems, Inc.  http://www.i3-systems.com/message_en.html

i³ Systems, Inc., is a software platform provider that develops and holds technologies allowing users to fully utilize their enterprise cloud and smart devices. To create the next-generation IT environment that integrates the cloud, smart devices, and applications, we endeavor to work together with front-runners as best we can. We have won various recognitions from a wide variety of areas, including the AWS Partner Award in the enterprise category in June 2012, the Outstanding Performance Award in the entrepreneur category at the 7th Nippon New Business Creation Award in the October, and the Entrepreneur of the Year Japan 2012 in the November.

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