CLOMO MDM now supports Amazon Kindle Fire series first in Japan.

CLOMO MDM now supports Amazon Kindle Fire series first in Japan.-Provides an advanced security to Kindle Fire tablets -

Press Release

Oct 18, 2013
i³ Systems, Inc.

i³ Systems, Inc. (hereinafter “i³ Systems”; head office: Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka; CEO: Tsutomu Sasaki,) would like to announce that their MDM service CLOMO MDM now supports’s (hereinafter “Amazon”) Kindle Fire tablets first in Japan and is to release on November 1, 2013.

As the first manufacturer in Japan, i³ Systems had been developing MDM services for Kindle using the advanced MDM systems implemented on the previous Kindle Fire series, the new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX, which runs Fire OS 3.1.

CLOMO MDM now provides device management and operation functions for Kindle Fire series (*2)(*3). And by supporting Amazon’s unique API system provided by Fire OS 3.1, CLOMO MDM is to provide a more advanced management and operation environment than the specifications provided by Android OS, which is based on Fire OS. Also, CLOMO MDM is to provide advanced MAM and MCM functions by optimizing CLOMO series, which includes CLOMO SECURED APPs, into the Kindle Fire series.

This new CLOMO MDM product enables the Kindle Fire series, which is used mainly as consumer devices, to be used securely for various usages and business types and categories, such as business and educational institutions.

As a front-runner in the market for smart devices by corporate entities, i³ Systems would like to endeavor to provide the latest and best technologies to the existing users as fast as possible.

  • *1:Kindle Fire tablets include Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.
  • *2:To use device operation and management functions for Kindle Fire series, users need to apply for CLOMO MDM and CLOMO MDM Advance for Kindle.
  • *3:CLOMO MDM is introduced as an Amazon’s certified MDM service on

CLOMO MDM provides remote management services, including operational efficiency, by enabling remote IT policy settings to operate and utilize smart devices within a company securely and efficiently, measures against stolen or lost devices using remote device lock or data wipe functions, and usage monitoring by sending an alert to the administrator when a jailbreak or malware is detected. CLOMO MDM has been implemented by 5,500 companies and won No. 1 share (*4) in the MDM market.

The following functions are to be added to the current functions provided by the device management and operation functions of the Kindle Fire series.

◯ Key functions provided by CLOMO MDM Advance for Kindle

  • Push notification to devices using ADM (Amazon Device Messaging)
  • Restrictions on third party app installations(※)
  • Restrictions on location information services(※)
  • Restrictions on USB/ ADB debug(※)
  • Restrictions on device deregistration(※)
  • Restrictions on social networks (Facebook/ Twitter)(※)
  • Restrictions on factory reset(※)
  • Restrictions on adding user profiles(※)
  • ※:To be provided when services for Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HD with Fire OS 3.1 are provided.

◯ Release schedule

November 1, 2013 to be released
Late November 2013 Kindle Fire series with Fire OS 3.1 (to be released)

◯ Seles prices (tax excluded)

CLOMO MDM 300 yen/ device a month, 3,600 yen/ device a year
CLOMO MDM Advance for Kindle 100 yen/ device a month, 1,200 yen/ device a year

To use the device operation and management functions for the Kindle Fire series, users need to apply for CLOMO MDM and CLOMO MDM Advance for the Kindle. For the initial fees and basic charges, see the CLOMO Price List on the following URL.

◯ Scalability with CLOMO series

CLOMO MDM will be able to interlock with the CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL, which provides an application management function (MAM: Mobile Application Management), and CLOMO SECURED APPs series, which provide a content management function (MCM: Mobile Content Management).

  • *4:It is an i³ Systems’ independent estimation on the market share by service provider in 2012 based on “the Whole picture of smart device related business for corporate entities in 2013 –Revealing the leading business model of the smart device solution market-” by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.

【Inquiries related to this press release】

i³ Systems, Inc.
Marketing Head Section
Person in charge: Shoji
Phone: 03-6450-1880

■ About CLOMO

Based on the vision “Cloud is all about cloud services, apps, and devices,” CLOMO continues to evolve as the world’s first mobile first platform service with everything required for businesses to best utilize mobile and cloud technologies.

■ About i³ Systems, Inc.

i³ Systems, Inc., is a software platform provider that develops and holds technologies allowing users to fully utilize their enterprise cloud and smart devices. To create the next-generation IT environment that integrates the cloud, smart devices, and applications, we endeavor to work together with front-runners as best we can. We have won various recognitions from a wide variety of areas, including the AWS Partner Award in the enterprise category in June 2012, the Outstanding Performance Award in the entrepreneur category at the 7th Nippon New Business Creation Award in the October, and the Entrepreneur of the Year Japan 2012 in the November.

Company Name : i³ Systems, Inc.
Address : Hanamura Building, 2-1-1 Ohashi, Minami-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka
Established in : September 2001
Capital : 82.50 million yen
Representative : CEO Tsutomu Sasaki

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