Android version of CLOMO SECURED APPs is now available

Android version of CLOMO SECURED APPs is now available-Provides communication for corporate entities; which is also best suited for BYOD utilization-

Press Release

Jan 10, 2013
i³ Systems, Inc.

・CLOMO SECURED APPs series, a mobile app series with remote control functions to protect corporate information, now supports Android. This provides an integrated management environment for multi devices and OSs including iOS and security of which level is equivalent to BlackBerry.
・To install CLOMO SECURED APPs series on Android, the app can be downloaded from Google Play, which allows you to distribute it to users.

On Tuesday, January 15, 2013 i³ Systems, Inc. (hereinafter “i³ Systems”; head office: Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka; CEO: Tsutomu Sasaki) is to start accepting orders for the Android version of CLOMO SECURED APPs series, a mobile app series with remote control functions to protect corporate information.


There are potential risks of information leakage in mobile apps, which can be freely carried around, anytime anywhere. CLOMO SECURED APPs series consists of five types of mobile apps including browser, document sharing, mailer, shared address book, and calendar to support internal communication and thoroughly eliminates the risks of information leakage when mobile apps are used in business.

The iOS version of CLOMO SECURED APPs has been implemented by many companies of which the device implementation size varies from several dozen to several thousand; it is implemented by Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd., for their domestic sales representatives to promote sales and by a large domestic securities corporation as their internal communication tool. The launch of the Android version has achieved an integrated management environment for multi OSs and devices and enabled to respond to needs from users who use Android devices for business.

CLOMO SECURED APPs is also best suited for corporate entities as a BYOD solution. As it manages data on an application basis, it can distinguish business data and private one. And, CLOMO SECURED APPs can be set to wipe out only business related data when users leaving the office, which will prevent customers from feeling unconformable to use their own device for business. CLOMO SECURED APPs now supports integrated management of multi OSs and devices, which enables to utilize various types of users own devices for business whether they are iOS or Android. This has made CLOMO SECURED APPs become a more effective solution.

【Inquiries related to this press release】

i³ Systems, Inc.
Marketing Head Section
Person in charge: Shoji
Phone: 03-6450-1880

■ Overview of CLOMO SECURED APPs

Product name
CLOMO SecuredBrowser
CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER
CLOMO SecuredDocs
CLOMO SecuredMailer
CLOMO SecuredCalendar
CLOMO SecuredContacts
Order accepting date
January 15, 2013 (scheduled)
Tentative price (tax included)
CLOMO SECURED APPs MANAGER initial cost: 21,000 yen
CLOMO SECURED APPs MANAGER Annual fee: 25,200 yen/ environment a year
CLOMO SecuredBrowser: 3,024 yen/ app a year
CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER: 4,536 yen/ app a year
CLOMO SecuredDocs: 3,780 yen/ app a year
CLOMO SecuredMailer: 4,536 yen/ app a year
CLOMO SecuredCalendar: 3,024 yen/ app a year
CLOMO SecuredContacts: 3,024 yen/ app a year
Operation verified environment
 iOS: Devices with iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 6.0.x
 Android: Devices with Android 4.0.x and more
Google Chrome 16, FireFox 9.0.1, Safari 5.1.2

Key features of CLOMO SECURED APPs

● Shared functions
・Acquisition of device information
Acquires information of devices in which an app is installed. Administrators are able to see the acquired information and understand on what devices the app is installed, and therefore detect unintended devices that run the app.

・Message notification
Allows administrators to distribute any messages to devices with an app installed; the messages include notification for app update and business related communication.

・App starting lock
Administrators are able to remotely lock (restrict the use of) the starting of the app installed on users devices, which can prevent information leakage in the case of lost or stolen devices.

・App data wipe-out
Administrators are able to remotely wipe data from the installed apps, which can prevent information leakage in the case of lost or stolen devices.

・Restriction on data interlock with general apps
Able to restrict data to interlock with third party apps that have high potential for information leakage. For example, using popular social communication apps on a business-use device causes risks of business-related contact information inside and outside company to be easily retrieved. Allowing business related contact information to be handled only on CLOMO SecuredContacts prevents information leakage via third party apps.
● CLOMO SecuredBrowser
・Restrict accesses to non-business related websites
CLOMO SecuredBrowser allows administrators to restrict accesses to certain websites. The restriction can be in blacklist, whitelist, or web category filter formats; customers are able to flexibly choose one depending on their operational policy. This allows to force prevent users from accessing harmful websites or non-business related website which can lower their work productivity. ※Access control using web category filter format is a limited function of CLOMO SecuredBrowser with i-FILTER only.

・Browsing cache and history control
CLOMO SecuredBrowser allows administrators to set whether to hold cache and browsing histories generated by users’ browsing websites or not. This prevents third parties from accessing internal portal sites and groupware that handle confidential information.

● CLOMO SecuredDocs
・File access granted on a group basis
Able to grant access rights to files on a group basis previously created on CLOMO SECURED APPs MANAGER, which allows you to flexibly set the sharing of files within a certain group.

・Folder and file access duration limit
Able to set the access duration for files and folders to share in order to prevent users from accessing them outside the duration. This function is useful for documents allowed to be disclosed only limited time period like documents used for a conference.
● CLOMO SecuredMailer, CLOMO SecuredCalendar, CLOMO SecuredContacts
・Remote setup of server accounts
Administrators are able to fully set up accounts for Exchange server and Google Apps on CLOMO SECURED APPs MANAGER. This allows administrator not to inform the server account information to device owners, prevent accounts from being used on unintentional devices, and significantly save time and effort on kitting at the initial implementation since account can be bulk-set through CSV file.
● CLOMO SecuredCalendar
・Distribution of shared calendars
Administrators are able to create shared calendars on CLOMO SECURED APPs MANAGER and share them between CLOMO SecuredCalendar users. Since calendars can be created on a group basis, administrators can restrict access to share a certain calendar within a certain group.
● CLOMO SecuredContacts
・Distribution of shared address books
Administrators are able to create shared address books for customer, business partner and business employees contacts that should be shared in the company on CLOMO SECURED APPs MANAGER and share them between CLOMO SecuredContacts users. Since address book information can be set to share on a group basis, administrators can restrict access to share a certain address book within a certain group.

■ About CLOMO

Based on the vision “Cloud is all about cloud services, apps, and devices,” CLOMO is a platform service with everything required for businesses to use the cloud. CLOMO provides CLOMO MDM, CLOMO GATE, CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL, and CLOMO SECURED APPs series and continues to evolve as the world first Mobile First platform.

■ About i³ Systems, Inc.

i³ Systems, Inc. is a software platform provider that develops and holds technologies allowing users to fully utilize their enterprise cloud and smart devices. We actively market the Yubizo Engine in the smart device field, while providing add-on tools to supplement various public cloud services such as Google Apps. The Yubizo Engine is a framework library allowing to develop advanced mobile application with HTML5 and JavaScript leveraging the potential of the web. To create the next-generation IT environment that integrates the cloud, smart devices, and applications, we endeavor to work together with front runners as best we can. Owing to such activities, we have won various recognitions; we have won the Google Award first in Japan in the solution category at the Google Enterprise Day 2010 on October 29, 2010; our implementation example of mobile solutions was highly acclaimed for the AWS Partner Award by Amazon Data Services Japan on June 22, 2012 and won the AWS Partner Award in the enterprise category; and we have won the Outstanding Performance Award at the Entrepreneur of the Year Japan 2012 on November 19, 2012. We are also familiar with development of various products and services using Ruby (development language) and won the award for excellence at the Fukuoka Ruby Award for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009.

Company Name : i³ Systems, Inc.
Address : Hanamura Building, 2-1-1 Ohashi, Minami-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka
Established in : September 2001
Capital : 65.00 million yen
Representative : CEO Tsutomu Sasaki

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