Announcing the Enhancement of CLOMO MDM and Android Management Functions

Announcing the Enhancement of CLOMO MDM and Android Management Functions- Manage Smart Devices Efficiently With Our More Powerful CLOMO -

Press Release

Oct 03, 2012
i³ Systems, Inc.

i³ Systems, Inc. (headquartered in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka; Founder and CEO: Tsutomu Sasaki) is pleased to announce the availability of enhamnced CLOMO MDM management functions geared towards Android devices as of October 4th, 2012. With these enhanced features, you can now manage both Android and iOS smart devices even more safely and efficiently than ever before.

This latest functional enhancement resolves security and operational issues that arise in situations such as when you want to:

  • specify a Wi-Fi network in your store or office that smart devices can connect to;
  • prohibit non-work related phone calls from smartphones used on-site or for fieldwork, thereby keeping calling costs low;
  • regularly query device positioning information in order to ascertain the movements of a lost or stolen shared store / classroom device;
  • collectively send warning messages from an administrator to multiple smart devices in violation of your security policy;
  • configure smart device passwords with expiration dates for stronger authentications.

■ Main New Functions (Android)

□ Wi-Fi Network Destination Restrictions
Restrict connections to all but specified networks and reduce the risk of information leaks.You can configure multiple Wi-Fi networks to which devices can connect.

<Configuration Method>
Blacklist / Whitelist

□ Query Call History
Now you can query the call history of a controlled device by executing a command in CLOMO PANEL.
The five latest calls from the call history queried will appear in CLOMO PANEL.

<Queriable Information>
Call Date / Calls Placed, Received, and Missed / Phone Number, Registered Name / Call Length

□ Call Placement Restriction
Now you can restrict calls to numbers other than those pre-registered in CLOMO PANEL by an administrator with the CLOMO MDM Agent for Android.

<Configuration Method>
Blacklist / Whitelist

□ Periodic Positioning Query
Until now, Android device positioning information could only be obtained by executing a command from CLOMO PANEL, but now you can periodically query said information at a date and time of your choosing.
Administrators can configure the timing of these positioning queries in CLOMO PANEL.

□ Smart Device Messaging
Administrators can send customized messages to multiple smart devices of their choosing from CLOMO PANEL.

□ Enforced Password Lock(※)
Administrators can enforce password changes and device locks remotely.

□ Password Policy Fortification(※)
By adding password expiration dates and defining the number of possible reuses, you can configure a stronger password policy.

□ Storage Encryption(※)
You can strengthen the storage encryption for smart devices.
Securely protect data with an AES 128-bit encryption scheme (in Android 3.0 and later).

  • ※ Functions scheduled for release in the near future.

■ CLOMO MDM Functional Additions (for Android and iOS)

□ Add “Tags” to User Attributes
A function that lets you “tag” users under CLOMO MDM management has been added.
In previous versions of CLOMO MDM, administrators could only select users from the default “Organizations” tag, but now they can freely categorize users with free-words, including work location and title, occupation, project, etc. This simplifies the user selection process depending on a company’s needs and decreases administrators’ work load.

■ Devices Confirmed to Support CLOMO MDM

  • iOS: iOS 4.3.5 - iOS 6.0 devices
  • For a full list of compatible devices, please visit:

■ CLOMO MDM Prices

  • Initial Fee (Administrative Server Configuration): \20,000 Yen (Tax Not Incl.)
  • Annual Control Panel (CLOMO PANEL) Fee: ¥24,000 (Tax Not Incl.) / Year
  • One (1) CLOMO MDM License: ¥3,600 (Tax Not Incl.) / Year (*1)
  • *1:One CLOMO MDM license per one managed device.


Tomoyo Shoji
Marketing Head Office
Phone : 03-6450-1880

■ About CLOMO

Based on the idea that “services, apps, and devices are all the Cloud”, CLOMO is a platform service that includes everything businesses need to utilize the Cloud. We currently offer CLOMO MDM, CLOMO GATE, CLOMO MOBILE APP PORTAL, and CLOMO SECURED APPs in the product series.

■ About i³ Systems, Inc.

i³ Systems is an software platform provider based in Fukuoka, Japan engaged in the development and retention of technology to fully utilize the enterprise Cloud and smart devices. While we offer extension tools to supplement various public Cloud services like Google Apps, in the smart device sector, we have developed Yubizo Engine, an extensive framework library that utilizes the potential of the Web and enables the development of advanced applications using HTML and JavaScript.
We are working to become a front-runner geared towards the realization of a next-generation IT environment that integrates everything from the Cloud to smart devices and apps. Our innovations have been recognized on several occasions: i³ Systems was the only Japanese company to win a Google Award in the Solutions category at Google Enterprise Day 2010 (Oct. 29, 2010). We also specialize in the development of various Ruby (a programming language) products and services, winning Awards of Excellence at the Fukuoka Ruby Awards for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009).

Company Name : i³ Systems, Inc.
Address : Hanamura Bldg. 5 FL, 2-1-1 Ohashi, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 815-0033
Established : September 2001
Capital : 65 Million Yen
Representative : Tsutomu Sasaki (Founder & CEO)

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